Welcome to Christine's Photo        

    Exploring and capturing my surroundings and all life's beautiful moments has always been a huge part of my makeup.  My thoughts are always....."this is something special and I want to hold on to it"!  

A picture can speak a thousand words....

     I believe, photography provides a creative process which can serve as a catalyst to communicate, evoke emotional responses, speak to us, and form connections.  Photography has the power to talk to us and transport us!  

     You will find that most of the photographic images shown here are taken out and about on Long Island, New York. While I've tried to have a broad representation of Long Island, there is a strong focus on beaches and sunsets. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such beautiful and peaceful settings!

     In recent weeks, our ability to get out and about to visit our favorite spots has been incredibly limited...So, it is with hope, that the photography located here can transport you to a time and place where the sun is always with you!     

     Thank you for visiting!

    --- Christine

 A special thank you to everyone working with and supporting those in need during this difficult and challenging time  - Thank you!!

In support of  'May - Mental Health Awareness' month, if you are interested in obtaining a print copy, please send an email to christinesfoto.33@gmail.com

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